Simple and Specific Ways to Implement New Habits and Integrate Your Life


In the Understanding Habits and Why Mastering Them Guarantees Success I talked about how the majority of our actions are based on habits. I described the scientific findings that I think were useful in order to achieve better awareness on how the mechanism works in our brains. I remind you that the habit loop works as following: […]

The New Religion of the 21st Century (part 2)


Another cognitive bias that has been serially used by the mentors of the new trend. It is called Halo Effect. This is one of the most important mistakes we every day do in our thinking. It’s how easily people identify as “good” something that is aesthetically nice. You can understand that a very good decoration with poor substance can easily impress people. And unfortuately a lot of times it can be preferred by people much more than something more substantial but with less focus on the decoration.

The New Religion of the 21st Century (part 1)

The New Religions of the 21st Century

So today that the old school religions are losing customers not all of the lost ones describe themselves as atheists, right? Apart from the ones that don’t bother with worldview issues, there has appeared a new very effective trend. This trend has made a combination of buddhist religions and quantum mechanics. The buddhist religions offer them the wisdom of the old times together with an attitude of positivity. The quantum mechanics offer two things. First of all the authority. Secondly the fact that is the most complicated scientific field makes it easy for them to talk in authorative manner without anyone understanding a single thing, not even themselves. But how can I be sure that not even the teachers understand what they say? I can know that because not even the greatest quantum physicists talk so easily about that same issues. Some call it New Age movement but of course it has plenty of streams like all the trends. It started sometime in the second half of the 20th century by saying yes to spirituality and no to religiousness. You can easily recognize the people that like this product. All of them talk a lot about “energy” and they are or are in the process of becoming “spiritual”

The Gifts of Science in a Frustrated World

human brain and science

Logic is in a few words the art and method of correct thinking. It is the method of every art, every discipline and every science. It is a science because it has rules such as geometry and physics and can be taught to any normal mind. It is an art because when practiced it gives to thought that unconscious accuracy that guide the fingers of a pianist in an effortless sonata, as Will Durant mentions. When you want to be logical in a serious discourse, any important term shall be subjected to scrutiny and definition. Aristotle’s ruthless methods set boundaries to the up to that time chaotic and undisciplined Greek intellect, started constructing the terminology of science and laid the basis for the acceptance of reasoning in order for a mind to be mature[…]

The 4 Mindset Steps to Take Positive Action and Enhance Your Life (part 2)


After recognising that in my whole life there was a huge lack of initiatives and actual creative procedures, I, as well, found that I was never trained to set plans and goals. Shouldn’t we have goals?

I know it sounds obvious, everyone supposingly wants some things for their lives. But…

Have you set specific goals? A specific goal is not “I want to be happy with my friends”. A specific goal is not “I want to be rich”. A specific goal is not “I want to be successful”. Instead a specific goal could be “By that SPECIFIC age I want to own this SPECIFIC amount of income and assets in order to be able to have a family that can live a good life.”

The 4 Mindset Steps to Take Positive Action and Enhance Your Life (part 1)

4 steps positive action

My 30 years’ birthday was approaching. It was a few days before now that I am writing this post. At this point of my life I am feeling stronger than ever. Or, who knows, I may say that to encourage myself 😉 Anyway, it is only in the last few years that I have at last managed to acquire a real “purpose” in my life (at least according to my views). It is true that we all struggle towards a meaning. It’s existential. We all want to have a true reason to live, something to get up from the bed in the morning. Extensive self-research and studying have produced in me a vast number of thoughts and I decided to capitulate some conclusions which I find important for every human being as they are clearly based on our natural tendencies. This article is about them.